Aegon platform

Who is Aegon?

Aegon is a world-class financial services business managing more than £800 billion investments for 29 million people in 20 countries.

The Aegon platform

The Aegon platform (formerly Cofunds) is an investment service you can use to buy and manage funds from hundreds of different companies in a Stocks and Shares ISA, pension or General Investment account.

A quick run down of the benefits

  • Make investing easier – bring all your investments together in one place
  • Buy, switch and sell investments online
  • See the value of your investments anytime
  • Less paperwork, and stored online so you don’t have to

Here’s a handy guide that tells you everything you need to know about the Aegon Platform:

The Aegon platform charge

We’ve negotiated a lower platform charge for our clients – 0.20% a year instead of the standard 0.29% a year.

0.2% a year applies to the first £499,999

0.18% a year to the next £500,000 and

0.15% for any excess above £1,000,000

Additional charges

You also pay our all-inclusive charge of 0.24% a year and fund charges.

Here’s an example of the total yearly charges you pay for £10,000 invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA using a typical fund:

Fee% Amount£ Amount
Typical fund*0.75%£75
* Fund charges vary – we recommend funds with charges no more than 0.75% a year.

to your Aegon account

If you have investments with Aegon and use their online service, you can sign-in to your account by clicking here.

Or open a new Aegon account

If you haven’t invested with Aegon before, you can open a new account using one of the following links:

Stocks & Shares ISA

General Investment Account (GIA)