Aegon platform

The Aegon Platform

The Aegon platform (formerly Cofunds) is an investment service you can use to buy and manage funds from hundreds of different companies in a Stocks and Shares ISA, pension or General Investment account.

A quick run down of the benefits

  • Make investing easier – bring all your investments together in one place
  • Buy, switch and sell investments online
  • See the value of your investments anytime
  • Less paperwork, and stored online so you don’t have to

Here’s a handy guide that tells you everything you need to know about the Aegon Platform:

The Aegon platform charge

We’ve negotiated a lower platform charge for our clients – 0.20% a year instead of the standard 0.29% a year.

0.20% a year applies to the first £499,999

0.18% a year to the next £500,000 and

0.15% for any excess above £1,000,000

Additional charges

You also pay our charge of 0.34% a year and fund charges.

Here’s an example of the total yearly charges you pay for £10,000 invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA using a typical fund:

Charge% Amount£ Amount
CommShare (Service Fee)0.34%£34
Aegon (Product Fee)0.20%£20
Typical Fund Charge*0.75%£75
* Fund charges vary – we recommend funds with charges no more than 0.75% a year.

to your Aegon account

If you have investments with Aegon and use their online service, you can sign-in to your account by clicking here.

Or open a new Aegon account

If you haven’t invested with Aegon before, you can open a new account using one of the following links:

Stocks & Shares ISA

General Investment Account (GIA)