Our charge

What we charge for our service

Our charge is 0.34% a year based on the value of your investments. This is £34 a year for £10,000 invested.

How you pay us

In most cases our charge is paid by deduction from your investments.

Sometimes we receive commission. In which case we don’t charge you.

Occasionally, our charge can’t be paid by deduction from your investments and we don’t receive commission. In which case you pay us quarterly by direct debit.

Details of our charges are in our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Additional charges

You pay investment product and fund charges too. These charges vary and depend on the investment products and funds you choose. They’re deducted from your investments and you will be told about them before you invest.

Typical charges

Here’s an example of yearly charges you pay for £10,000 invested in an Aegon (Cofunds) Stocks and Shares ISA using Vanguard LifeStrategy funds:

CommShare (Service Fee)0.34%£34
Aegon (Product Fee)0.20%£20
Vanguard (Fund Charge)0.22%£22